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Folding Magnetic Suspension Pump
Mar 29, 2018

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump It has realized the world major breakthrough in the field of submersible pump, effectively solve the traditional submersible pump of various drawbacks: such as conversion efficiency is low, excessive power consumption, head limited, bearing loss, frequent maintenance and so on. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises for drainage, farmland irrigation and highland, Mountain water supply and other fields.

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump It has changed the manufacturing technology of submersible pump with unique patented technology, and the conversion efficiency has reached alarming new level, and it has created great efficiency of saving energy and reducing consumption.

The magnetic levitation submersible pump solves the problem of axial force which restricts the development of the world submersible pump, submersible pump head has a breakthrough to improve, filling the Gaoyang (single head design to thousands of meters) and super large flow (high load) submersible pump market blank; head, flow curve tends to smooth. Its conversion efficiency, single highest head of the world's leading position.

Magnetic levitation submersible Pump is a new generation of submersible pump, it realizes the vertical axis maglev (in different operating conditions to maintain high efficiency), not wear, the use of time and maintenance cycle extended several times, eliminating frequent regular maintenance work, can run for tens of thousands of hours, save maintenance and repair costs.

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