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Operating Surface submersible Pump
Mar 29, 2018
Operating surface submersible pumps are small submersible pumps (Single-stage pump), because of easy installation, ease of use, in many places are widely used. 1948, the Swedish Flying Force (STERBERY-FLYGT) first developed "Operating surface submersible pump." In the 60 's, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries began mass production. China began production in 1958, "Operating surface submersible pump", the 60 's development as "QY submersible pump (oil-filled type)", the 70 development of the "QS Type submersible pump (water-filled type)", 80 and the development of "QX and DQX submersible pump (dry)". The late 80 's "Operating surface submersible pump" has been the rapid development, and gradually large-scale, diversified. Large and medium-sized submersible pumps have been widely used in municipal and mining industries because of their advantages of simplifying pump structure and saving investment of pumping station construction.

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