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Submersible Sewage Pump
Mar 29, 2018
Submersible pump is mainly used for transporting industrial wastewater and municipal sewage, the biggest advantage is that can be discharged pulp, long fiber and other impurities. (therefore also known as "no blockage of sewage submersible pump"). It is widely used in urban sewage treatment plant, rainwater Pond, pumping station, flood control and irrigation etc. In 1956, the Swedish Flying Force (STERBERY-FLYGT) first developed a "submersible sewage pump", so that the cost of sewage treatment station is reduced by about half. China in the late 80 from Germany to introduce and produce "submersible sewage pump", mainly Wq, QW, as series products. (According to statistics, "submersible sewage pump" About 1995 years, the annual output of about 50,000 units. )

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