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Surface pump QB60 brief introduction
Jun 25, 2018

Surface pump or the Vortex pump, the most typical model is QB60.

Voltage:220-240V Single phase (for single phase pump, it need the capacitor)            

380-415V triple phase/three phase (for three phase pump, it don't need the capacitor)

Frequency:50HZ; 60HZ; 50/60HZ







Calibre: 1”=25MM

The two important point of a surface pump: pump max flow and max head.

The pump head and the pump flow are inerse ratio.When the pump flow up, the pump head will down and vice versa.

Pump flow unit:M3/H; TON/H; L/MIN; L/H               

Pump head unit:M or sometimes it is expressed by the pressure Bar.If the medium is water, 10M=1BAR


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  • Parameters and pictures of vortex pump


The quality point of a vortex pump.

1.Thickness and Weight Difference of casting part

2.Both Copper Wire and Alumnium Wire Available

3.Stator Length Difference,like QB60 stator length ranges from 30mm-55mm

4.Stator To Be New Or Old

5.Size Difference of the Motor Eye

6 Weight Difference of stator wire

IP Class Difference of stator wire(Mostly B,seldom F)

7.Only Brass Impeller Available,Never Use Other Materials 

8. The shaft can use the Carbon steel or the Welded SS shaft

9. Pump head can use the  stainless steel material, it can also use the brass insert spare part

10. With thermal protector or not.

11. Other spare part: capacitor, bearing and  mechanical seal.

12. Cable, it can be done according to customer's requirement, 30cm leading cable, or 1m or 1.5m cable with plug

13. The test points which we should pay attention to

   1). Parameters: Power, pump head and pump flow.

   2).  Temperature rise (70-80K).

   3). No leakage.


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