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Start-up Of Submersible Pump
Mar 29, 2018

Submersible pumps under 1 and 11-kilowatt are allowed to start directly. More than 13-kilowatt of the submersible pump should be equipped with a step-down starter cabinet. To protect the safe operation of submersible pumps.

2. In order to avoid the instantaneous channeling of submersible pump and reduce start-up load. When starting the submersible pump, the exit valve should be closed to 3/4. (Leave 1/4 air gap.) In order to release gas) to start slowly open after the water. To the pump operating point control in the appropriate position.

3. After start operation. Monitoring and observation of water level changes should be intensified. Ensure that submersible pumps operate within operating conditions. The submersible pump can be put into operation after running smoothly.

4, submersible pump first put into operation 5 hours later. Stop and quickly measure the thermal insulation resistance. The value is not less than 0.5mω. To continue using.